The Community Health Worker Program is committed to utilizing a holistic approach in assisting adults to live independently in the community in a healthy, recovery-focused lifestyle. Our Community Health Workers will partner with you and the local community to ensure your Social Determinants of Health needs are addressed.

Social Determinants of Health needs consist of childcare, clothing, food, finances, education, employment, housing, healthcare, transportation, and utilities. Our Community Health Workers will aid you in determining which of these needs are creating barriers with your personal health and well-being and assist you in finding resources to improve your current life situation.

Our outreach program promotes “boots on the ground” meaning that our Community Health Workers will come to your location to service you in meeting your Social Determinants of Health needs. We will assist in bridging the gaps between needs and resources.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible participants must meet all criteria to receive services:

  • Resident of Westmoreland County who is experiencing challenges due to instability in several areas of life that impact overall health and wellness.
  • Meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years.
  • Have an active, open case with RIHS’ Community Based Care Program.
  • Complete the Social Determinants of Health Needs Assessment.
  • Develop a goal-based plan and action steps to prioritize your needs.

Ideal participants are those who wish to succeed beyond their current situation.

*This program is voluntary, and you may terminate your services at any time.


Referrals can be made by an individual, family member, provider, hospital, school, community member, church, treatment center, or any other referral source.

To make a referral, call the RIHS office at 724-836-6215.